Synergy Healthcare USA, LLC

Synergy Healthcare Value Proposition

More Productive Employees.

Onsite clinics are seen as a means to boost productivity by allowing employees to more easily fit medical treatment into their schedules and reducing the need for many medical visits to community facilities. Improved access to convenient care can also reduce absenteeism, prevent disability claims and mitigate work-related injuries. 

Valued Employee Benefit - at no additional cost.

Synergy Healthcare has two models available for employers.  Our direct pay model is based on billings direct to the employer for our services.  Unique to onsite clinic vendors, Synergy Healthcare is also a licensed medical provider.  Synergy can file claims as primary care visit to your employer health plan.  However, Synergy waives the employee copay for participating employers which creates a free, convenient and valued employee benefit.

Engagement in Health Improvement.

Traditional wellness programs, comprised normally of online assessments followed by telephone outreach and educational materials delivered by mail, have often failed to deliver desired outcomes.  The majority of health plan members choose to not participate and actually follow through on recommended actions.  By establishing onsite health services focused on the management and prevention of health risks, Synergy Healthcare achieves levels of engagement with plan members that produce measurable improvement in both individual and population health risk.

Health Plan Claims Cost Reduction.

When individuals reduce the severity of their chronic health conditions they consume fewer specialty care health services and can improve and maintain their good health with primary care services and lifestyle changes.  This change in the utilization demand curve produces quantifiable reductions in the cost of claims incurred by individuals.  Synergy Healthcare provides a personal and convenient way for plan members to identify their unique risks and to proactively address them before they manifest themselves through expensive and often life altering acute care illnesses.